Streaming the best variety of music online

KZAM has been streaming since 2002

The KZAM library comprises more than 75,000 songs. Each day on KZAM is fresh. No two days are alike. It's the best variety of music online.

KZAM is independent

We don't use consultants or phony "research." KZAM is programmed by Jeff Hanley, an original member of the KZAM/Seattle airstaff and a veteran of West Coast radio, including KLOS/Los Angeles, KOME/San Jose, and KTYD/Santa Barbara. Jeff is currently the host and producer of two Public Radio International shows, Jazz After Hours and Jazz Happening Now.

Musical variety is in our DNA

From singer-songwriters to arena rock, from soloists to big bands, there is a world of music out there to be enjoyed. If you love music in all its forms and styles, KZAM is for you.

What we do

We play music because we think it's good, or interesting, or clever, or exciting; not because it "tests" well, or draws a particular demographic, or sells designer jeans.

Fresh new music every week

We seek out new music and follow the careers of many musicians, all so we can deliver a fresh mix of music every day. We don't rely on industry tastemakers and gatekeepers to tell us what we should (or should not) play.


We sincerely believe our listeners are interested in hearing more than the 100-200 songs played by the typical corporate radio station. We think real music fans love to mix it up and be exposed to all kinds of music, including fresh, new artists.

Human touch

No algorithms. Every single track we play is handpicked and programmed fresh each day.

Respect for musicians

Music is not just a passion. It's a livelihood for musicians. We encourage you to enjoy the music on KZAM and to buy it if you like it. You wouldn't steal from a store. Please don't steal the creative work of musicians.